The Role of Health Education in Health Promotion


Health education is a kind of education that is designed for attaining the purpose to gain knowledge, expertise, skills, and learn new things to the students of health faculty.

Health education is any mixture of learning experiences to assists the students as well as groups and societies for the purpose of keeping them healthy and active. It can be executed by raising their knowledge or influencing their behavior.


Many research studies conducted in the past times by many research scholars that highlight the role of health education in health promotions.

The health education provides teaching about the physical, mental, emotional as well as communal health of the persons living in the society. It encourages the students to enhance and sustain their health, keep them prevent diseases which can prove to be dangerous for their health.

The Health Education views use, as well as commands, assist the students all over the world in learning some new expertise that shall utilize to produce healthy varieties all through their life span.

The effective prospectuses and programs consequences in optimistic modifications that might lower the learner’s risk everywhere.

Health Education

Health education teaches students the disadvantages of using alcohol, drugs, excessive use of wine, and maintaining close relationships with their girlfriends.

These all can put many negative effects on the health of the students not only for a limited time period but for a long span of time. It is this education, which helps to urge the students to keep away from drugs, wine, maintain close relations and so on. By getting health education, students will get the knowledge regarding the negative consequences of all of these.

It is the need of time that students must need to provide health education. It proves to be the most successful tool which promotes health among students. It is necessary for the firms who offer assignment help online that they need to publish research papers and reports which put light on the significance of the health promotion.

The health education always promotes learning in so many other subjects to the students all over the entire globe. In general circumstances, healthy students can learn better. According to research studies, the students who are fit and healthy perform better in the schools.

If the students are healthy so they can be able to maintain good attendance, focus on their studies in a better way and therefore performs better in final examinations and pass the examinations with good grades.


Health education plays a vital role in promoting health in society as a whole. If the people living in our societies are well aware of it so they can be able to keep them healthy and fit and always try to take a useful measure which leads them to live a happy and healthy life.

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