6 Reasons Why We Should Turn to Vaping CBD


Electronic cigarettes and vapes are continuing to be more mainstream these days, especially to teenagers. In 2016, the United States Surgeon General’s Report revealed that the usage of e-cigarettes and vapes by students in high school had increased by 900 percent.

As they continued to be in trend, many studies showed the risks when smoking vapes and e-cigarettes. Researches found out that vapes and e-cigarettes can lead to mouth problems, lung damage and even impaired brain development.

On the other hand, there are also other researches that showed how beneficial vaping and smoking e-cigarettes to one’s health, specifically when vaping CBD oils. This article would give you the reasons why vaping or smoking CBD oil beneficial to smokers and non-smokers.


Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, has been one of the centers of many medical and legal studies. In medicine, many experts had discovered that it has therapeutic uses and can become one of the universal medication.

Consequently, somehow, many countries have opened their doors to it. The United States of America has been one of those countries that recently federally legalized CBD. Moreover, how to use CBD? It can be in the form of oil, topical product, sublingual spray, tincture, and vapor.


Cannabinoid compounds found in CBD are neuroprotective, which can help to regulate and maintain brain health, keep brain cells from being damaged, as well as protecting organs to be healthy and properly functioning.


Medical experts had figured out that CBD can prevent diabetes from occurring. One five-year study concluded that people who actively use CBD, either through vaping CBD oils or intaking CBD pills, had faster insulin levels and higher density of lipoprotein cholesterol.


CBD’s anti-inflammatory feature is one of the reasons why people widely use it. It’s known for having a wide-ranging therapeutic potential that can reduce any inflammation in one’s body, which can be caused by any diseases.


Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States of America approved that Epidiolex, a particular compound in CBD, can already be prescribed to many patients who are suffering from epilepsy and seizures.


Similar to inhaling nicotine from cigarettes, vaping CBD oils can also give people the stress-reducing effect or the comfortable feeling they feel when being stressed out. However, nicotine in cigarettes is harmful to one’s lungs, and CBD oils don’t have it.


CBD is also a bisphosphonate, which prevents age-related bone diseases. Studies showed that CBD could hinder an enzyme that damages bond-building compounds in the body. As a result, CBD can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and even bone cancer.

Final Words

Smoking cigarettes are harmful to your health, but smoking CBD oil isn’t. Inhaling CBD oils can treat people with opioid addiction disorders, and reduce or prevent withdrawal symptoms. There are more ongoing studies about CBD, so keep in touch and be ready to be surprised how promising CBD is to people who are in need.

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