Preveiw clips are up of our 1st release with Dave Seied on

We got our listening copies of Dave’s tracks back from our Master Engineer Billy Triplett – and they are hot!

These tracks have been a secret weapons in some of the best performers crates for a while – always wrecking the floorz when they hit – Dave’s futuristic bass sounds are like no others.

VII23 whipped up some graphics – and here is the soundcloud previews…

Dave Seied – Skewed Up – clip by begreenrecords

Dave Seied – Bugz In My Headphonez – clip by begreenrecords

We are an alternative business, designed to be transparent, employee owned, and renewable energy powered.

We don’t sign artists to exclusivity agreements, and we don’t do deadlines. All time lines for projects are set collaboratively between the artists and the label. It is an “opt in” process, so the artists come to us with releases, except for our 4 scheduled releases every year on the solstices and equinoxes.

How does it work?
33.3% of the profit from each one of our products sold goes to a non-profit we support such as or – 33.3% goes to back the artists involved in the project in equal shares – and 33.3% goes back to the record company to further research into sustainability, non-petroleum bassed distribution alternatives, funding intentional gatherings and tours, and spreading the good music to every corner of the earth in the most sustainable and renewable way possible.

Wont you please support us, and join us in our quest for the future of music distribution – let us co-create this future, together!

– Be Green Records President




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