5 Reasons Why Playing Ukulele Is Good For Your Health


Hawaiian has a special musical instrument, called “ukulele”. Its shape is like a guitar but smaller, and it only has four strings.

We can say it is a unique instrument for its sound is joyful. It will make you happy, stimulating right off the bat.

Besides the stress-relieving benefit, a ukulele is good for your health.

Here are five reasons why I said that:

Raise Your Mood

As I said, the sound from the uku is so unique. It contains joy, excitement.

When you start to play the very first melody, your body tends to move and dance. If you don’t believe, you can try to watch a video of Hawaiian playing ukulele on Youtube. I dare you to stay moveless.

Therefore, when you play or listen to uku, you will feel happier, more positive, and more optimistic. It’s called mental health, besides physical fitness.

A healthy person has to be healthy both in body and in mind. How can a muscular guy with a sad face all the time being called a healthy person? So every time you feel like you lose energy, sing a song with the uku, I’m sure you will take your spirit back.

Moreover, the stress level is lowered, meaning the immune system is strengthened. Then it protects you from sickness.

Enhance The Capacity Of Memory

It is one of the benefits of playing the ukulele. Scientists said that learning a musical instrument is one of the best ways to train the brain.

Ukulele is cheap (about $50 for a good ukulele), and it is so easy to learn. It takes just a few hours to learn simple chords and one particular melody. Now you can play a perfect song.

While playing the guitar or piano takes more time. If you love music, uku is the lesson no.1 for your memory. It’s having fun and training your brain at the same time.

To play uku, you have to remember notes, chords, and how they are placed on the uku. And I inform you that there’re a lot of things to learn. There’s no other way but learn by heart.

Day by day, the more time you invest in the uku, the more capacity your memory has. A good memory is beneficial to all aspects of life. You will no longer forget the errand list, or what things to be done.

Sharpen Your Mind

Music doesn’t wait, and notes keep changing. Players have to make sure they’re playing the right note, right chord, the right rhythm, right melody.

When you hold a musical instrument in your hand, you have to prepare to change chords right before the lyrics are sung. It’s a chance to practice your brain to process information more quickly and more accurately.

Perhaps you are not used to and miss it for the first time. Don’t worry, as long as you keep learning and playing, your brain will be programmed to be faster and more sensitive.

One study showed that the musicians scored 34 per cent higher than other people who never played any musical instrument. Besides, this effect is long-lasting even though all of us age.

Boost The Concentration

When playing music, you have to concentrate not to miss any part of the song. Also, quite a few factors need to be paid attention to such as pitch, duration, beat, rhythm, and hundreds of things can’t be listed all here.

Once you decide to learn any musical instrument, I guess that you must love it. That love, that passion, that interest force you to focus. If you think you are a person who hardly concentrates on a thing. Uku is the best solution for you.

When you study or work, you can drink, eat, or talk to somebody at the same time. But you can’t do it while playing music for sure. This ability of focus will help you in studying and working.

We’re told to focus on what we do to get a better result, and that’s true.

Improve listening skill

Uku or any instrument produces numerous sounds; sometimes they’re sound alike. When playing music, you have to have the ability to discern what note is Do, what note is Re; or what chord is Fa, what chord if Sol major.

That’s why your listening skill is improved in the process of learning and practicing. To hear the right sounds, you also have to focus. It is a dual benefit.

Many people added that having good listening skills helps you to build social relationships more efficiently.

While we see many older people have hearing loss, research shows that musicians still have good ears and play music easily.


There are more than these five basic health benefits that a ukulele can bring to you both mentally and physically. But I believe these benefits are enough to convince you.

Ukulele is small but powerful. If you haven’t tried to play any musical instrument and want to start to learn one now, uku is a perfect musical option.

Anyone can play the ukulele regardless of gender, age. Uku is so cute and no doubt that it will be your entertaining friend.

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