“New Beginnings” EP by Tripmendous

"New Beginnings"

Tripmendous is proud to announce his third album, “New Beginnings” out January 20th 2013 on Bandcamp.  This is a pay what you choose release ~ in collaboration with Be Green Records.

New Beginnings is heavy with heady mixes and deep bass rumblings.  Melodic synth and glitchy harmonics weave their way through this new offering by Tripmendous.

Ryan aka Tripmendous, translates his perceptions with music as the medium.  “New Beginnings” reflects his recent life experiences and embracing change as it comes.

Generously mixed by Parvata

*** at Tripmendous’ request – All donated proceeds of this EP go to Save The Children, Doctors Without Borders, Mercy Corps and Be Green Records next sustainable benefit project ***

Ryan is a Producer, DJ, and Promoter currently living in Colorado.   He also does A&R for Be Green Records and is a host for The Next Level Radio Show on Glitch.Fm.

Taking his inspiration everywhere from classic Hip-Hop to the current Glitch-Hop sounds, it is obvious that his goal is to get the crowd in the dancing mind-frame, and of course, to have fun.

“Music, and making people dance and be happy in the way you forget about everything that is going on besides the music that the dj is playing and the hundreds of people dancing around you. To bring that much joy to so many people is the reason why I do the things I do. I like to bring happiness to people though large Speakers……”


Check out his sounds…..

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