General mastering requirements

“If you’re doing the mix yourself, I would need -“3 dB average headroom, 24 bit wav or aif, 44,100, 48,000, 88,200, or 96,000 hz sample rate, no dither on bounce, no limiters or compressors on the master channel. No channels clipping (if you can have each instrument channel in your mix not be any louder than -12 dB it would be best to prevent aliasing or oversampling during the mastering stage.”

Be Green Records is excited to offer multiple options for mastering…

As we began with the idea to exist as a collaborative community, joining up like minded people through our shared love of music, the process keeps expanding. We find our original ideas evolve in ways that are more perfect than we had originally imagined.

We are currently working with several Mastering engineers.  Each has a uniquely different style catering to individual tastes, budgets and scheduling needs.

Working with a variety of artist support services mirrors Be Green Records founding intention to take the music industry to the next level. We now find ourselves in a vast community that has surpassed competition and evolved into collaboration.

Bil Bless