Why Kratom Is Unpopular Among The Authorities In The US


Kratom, one of the most useful herbs originating from the northern parts of Southeast Asia such as Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea is also known as Mitragyna Speciosa. Looked upon as a magic potion that cures conditions and heals diseases of the body, Kratom is also highly effective for other things such as providing energizing effects and keeping one alert.

Even though everyone is high praises about Kratom, it is still controversial because of certain reasons. Some people think that this herb produces unwanted side effects when taken but also agree that they might have overdosed or taken unwantedly larger amounts of unauthentic strains.

Some users have faced a different type of reactions where they have craved Kratom after not having it for a few days and say that even though it helped in many ways and they took it as an alternative to coffee, but their day is dull and gloomy if they don’t consume it, especially in the form of tea which they easily drank four or five times a day.

Most Kratom consumers have felt that it helps in relieving pain and relaxes the body which can be seen as an alternative to morphine. This raised interest for scientists to check if Kratom could be used in the medical industry to act as a sedative and to cure patients who suffer from extreme pains. But after a number of experiments and insights, it has proved to be unreliable because of the chemical composition and alkaloid levels. The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has warned consumers to be aware of this herb as it might cause unwanted consequences.

FDA is concerned that constant use might be addictive and users might become more and more dependent on Kratom. This is major because Kratom binds to the same opioid receptors as morphine and the risks are very high.

The properties can lead to Kratom abuse. These reasons along with the overuse and uncontrolled use of different strains, it has been declared illegal and have been banned in Thailand, from where it is exported to all parts of the world.

The situation of Kratom is vexed and still under a lot of observation because there have been no concerning reports about the safety of it which is positive because this means that if you buy Kratom, take it in the right amounts and the right doses, it is not lethal in any way. After multiple lab tests and evaluations, the FDA has only reached the conclusion of warning people to not use products that might contain harmful compounds such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Kratom has both these compounds, along with more than forty active alkaloids. The authority also signifies that even though Kratom has these chemical components, it can still be taken within the right amounts or with the addition of other products. It is also better to consult a doctor or physician before consumption to be on the safe side.

With the gain of popularity, there are also a lot of lobbies trying to defame Kratom which is why it is unpopular amongst the FDA. In January 2016, US Marshals seized nearly 90,000 bottles of dietary supplements labeled as containing Kratom and worth more than $400,000. Since the import sanction and dietary supplements which contain this herb was imposed in 2012, the authorities have been extra careful.

In August 2016, US Marshals seized 100 cases of products labeled as containing Kratom and worth more than $150,000. This is also one of the reasons added to its chemical components, why it is unpopular and also banned in Alabama, Vermont Indiana in the US, and also to the soldiers of the US army.

The FDA has also encouraged people to report any cases which have experienced adverse effects because of Kratom use but to date, there have been no cases reported about Kratom which are towards the extreme side.

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