Can I Use CBD Hemp Flower For Pain Relief?


Are you hunting for more knowledge about which part of CBD is useful for relieving pain? Do you want to ascertain about its merits for pain before booking your CBD Harlequin strain?

If yes, you are in the right place. Here, we will talk about the merits of CBD hemp flower and how it helps to relieve pain.

Even though CBD has been in use by locals in Southeast Asian countries for decades, why are products made from CBD hemp flowers in the limelight lately?

CBD flower is derived from the cannabis flower bud. These CBD buds are said to contain lower levels of psychoactive THC with higher CBD content as compared to other versions of the plant such as CBD oil. Thus, it gives a relaxing effect without psycho-stimulation and can even bring you down in case you are high.

CBD components act on the receptors of the endocannabinoid system – the homeostatic regulatory system in our bodies to help relieve pain.

Merits of CBD hemp flower

Anti-inflammatory effects

CBD flower provides a stronger anti-inflammatory effect than a CBD isolate, helping relieve multiple chronic pain conditions like arthritis, lower backache, migraine, etc.

Neuroprotective effects

Hemp flower bud helps in alleviating certain conditions of the brain, gives you a calming effect, and helps eliminate depression and stress. Research has shown it to have a remarkable result in treating neuropathic pain.

Helps lower blood pressure

Its vasorelaxant property makes the CBD flower an excellent medicinal alternative that benefits the heart, keeping life-threatening conditions at bay e.g. an agonizing heart attack.

How should I take CBD hemp flowers for pain?

CBD hemp flower can either be smoked like a cigarette or added to your food. You can take dried hemp flowers and toss them into a cigarette paper roll and smoke it just like a regular cigarette. Or, you can actually eat the dried flower by adding it into your cooked or baked food. However, smoking CBD flower produces a much faster response as compared to the oral route as it directly reaches into your blood via lungs avoiding the digestive system.

Nonetheless, it should be remembered that everyone’s body responds to CBD flowers differently. You need to trace out your ideal dose by starting low and gradually working it up. If you go for vaping, smoke a few puffs initially then add them up until you get your desired results.

Likewise, when taking orally, start from a pinch of dried flowers and slowly increase the amount. If you are a veteran user, you can opt for potent strains like the premium blend Moon Rocks. If you want relief of your chronic pain condition and feel relaxed without sedation and intoxication, you can go for the Harlequin Strain.


NSAIDS and Opioids are the treatment options for severe, chronic pain conditions. But these drugs show serious side effects and can be addictive if used for the long term. CBD hemp flower, e.g. the Moon Rocks strain, is the safest natural alternative for the treatment of chronic pain. It is considered safe for use even in the long term with minimal risk of addiction.

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