Are Hemp Cannagars Really Smokable?


YES, in fact they are and not only that they are quite enjoyable.

I truly enjoyed the fine, smooth, sweet, and consistently craved taste from Acme Hemp Labs “Original” hemp cannagar. Only hand picked, ground organic hemp flower in a variety of carefully chosen strains are wrapped in hemp fan leafs.

Choose from selections of sizes such as their Primo 8g, Frodo 4.5g and Mini 2.5g, they also have high CBD hemp cigarettes they call hemperettes! All of their cannagars are made entirely in the U.S.A. in Denver, Colorado. Their goal is to provide consumers with a premium quality hand rolled CBD cannagar, delivered straight from the hemp farm to your doorstep.

When you enjoy your favorite CBD hemps cigars, you are enjoying a piece of American exceptionalism. The hemp flowers used to make their cigars feature an exquisite, exotic selection of strains.

The smoke seems like the finest hemp flower available for their cannagars, they can bring out the unique character of each strain they use. The result is a wonderfully crafted, perfectly blended smoke offering you premium smooth smoke with a distinctively unique taste.

The process that Acme uses is to create a fine cannagar with a very strong aroma that invokes the senses. This is why so many people around the USA (and now, Canada and parts of Europe) find themselves extremely happy after smoking a hand wrapped hemp cannagar product.

Acme Hemp Labs selects their own hemp flowers and meticulously rolls them into masterpieces, each individual cigar offers you a flavor you have likely never tasted before. When you smoke one of these hemp cigars, you are sure to feel pleasantly surprised. You may find yourself in such a great mood that you want to share them with everyone.

Even though many people do not realize it, smoking hemp, or any other type of CBD can actually decrease the effects of stress. Why? Well, because smoking the pure flower forms of the plant does not make you feel as stressed out.

This is because our bodies do not respond to the same stimuli when we smoke Marijuana as we do when we smoke any other type of tobacco product. Many people who suffer from anxiety problems find that when they start to smoke hemp, many symptoms physical and mental seem to decrease.

Another reason why many people find themselves feeling less stressed after smoking a couple of cannagars is because they do not contain any additives. In fact, they carefully select the strains that will be used to manufacture each of the hand craft cannagars.

After careful inspection, each plant leaf is then carefully cut so that it is a pefect wrap around the cannagar. When the cigar is made in this manner, they not only smoke perfectly but the burn is slow and gentle.

Many people who are looking to buy Smokable Hemp Cigars are not aware of the secret nature of the plant. The hemp leaf contains only around .3% THC potency, this tiny bit of THC actually helps activate the CBD even further without getting you “stoned”.

So, smoking a Hemp cigar does not result in the same high levels of “kick” that you would experience if you smoked one of the regular brands from a dispensary. However, it does result in a very pleasant “kick” while maintaing a level head, and it certainly is quite different from the “hit” you would get from a cigarette. If you want to smoke a great tasting Hemp cigar/cannagar and yet still have the pleasure of feeling relaxed, you should definitely try smoking a high CBD cannagar hand rolled and prepared from Acme Hemp Labs.

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