A beginner’s guide to buying vapes:


If you are new to the vaping industry and looking for something to get you started, then you have come to the right place. Below, we will discuss some of the tips that you will need before buying vapes for yourself. Many are looking for a transformation from smoking to vaping. This guide brings out some of the essential things you need to keep in mind before buying vapes. Get the best vapour deals at Breazy now!

Different parts of a vape:

Drip Tip:

Drip Tip is that part of the vape which we inhale from. Drip tip behaves as a chimney, which helps transfer the vapor from the vaping device to your mouth.


 Coils can be made of several materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, nickel, and many more. Coils are like the heart of any vaping device. The coil helps to transform the e-liquid into vapor with the help of the heat produced. Coils have various resistances that allow users to experience the drag as per their requirements. Coils replenish with use, so make it essential to change your coil regularly, depending on your use.


The tank is an essential part of the vaping device. The tank holds the e-liquid. The bigger the tank of the vaping device, the better is the capacity. The e-liquid is fed to a coil to start heating and form vapor for consumption.


The battery is the powerhouse for the entire vaping device. The battery helps to heat the coil so that it can transform the e-liquid into vapor. Different vaping devices consist of different batteries. Huge vaping devices like box mods have bigger batteries, whereas vaping devices like cig-a-likes have smaller batteries.

Various Types of Vapes:

There are many vaping devices to choose from if you are looking forward to buying one. Below are mentioned some of the most prominent types of vapes that you can find in the market.


Cig-A-Likes are very similar to that of a cigarette, making it so popular among the vaping enthusiasts. This vaping device can be used anywhere at any time, as it can easily fit in your pocket. Being smaller in size, it has a small battery and cannot hold much vaping juice. These vaping devices are famous for beginners who are looking forward to vaping gradually.

Pod Kits:

Pod Kits can be defined as a more refined version of Cig-A-Likes. This is because they are small but have a much better battery and replaceable e-liquid facility. Pods kits are best for individuals who are looking forward to the transformation from smoking to vaping. This is because they contain a higher nicotine option as compared to Cig-A-Likes.

Vape Pens:

Vape Pens are one of the most popular vaping devices. The refills in this device can be replaced, which saves a lot of money. This vaping device also comes with a larger battery that can last up to a day. This battery offered in the vape pens can be recharged for several uses.

Box Mod Kits:

Box Mod Vapes are vaping devices that have the maximum number of features. They are larger vaping devices having a large refill tank and a big battery backup. What is exciting is these vaping devices also come with temperature and ventilation control. Users can easily change the device’s resistance to enjoy a much better drag, which is remarkable. These vaping devices are generally used by experts who have been vaping for a very long time.


Based on the guide, you can easily decide which of the above devices for vaping will be right for you. It is advised to initially get yourself a vaping device that is cheap and efficient. Once you know a lot about the vaping industry products, you can then go ahead and get yourself a good vaping device. Read more latest news about vaping at Djpunjab.

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