What Are The Best Ways To Preserve Your Weed?

Weed, such as anything you can devour, must be all around safeguarded or it could turn sour. And keeping in mind that most sustenances will make you become ill, unmaintained weed will presumably simply lead to an unenjoyable high. But considering that’s probably the whole reason you bought cannabis, that’s a big deal.

So here are the best ways to avoid weed expiration:

Mason Jars

The most ideal way to store weed is in a jar with an elastic or silicone seal. These containers are hermetically sealed, so you open your cannabis to the components. Simply ensure you attempt and top the container off however much as could be expected so there’s no additional air in it.


If you don’t have mason jars available, at that point utilize whatever you can and store your cannabis in a dim region. A bureau, a cellar, essentially anyplace that gets no light. Light corrupts cannabis trichomes, which are the parts of the cannabis plant that contains THC.


Another imperative method to save your weed is to keep it in a territory that is not very damp. Ideally, you’ll need dampness around 65 percent. Any more and your cannabis can get presented to an excessive amount of dampness, which can prompt shape. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you keep it someplace excessively dry, it could make the plant progressively weak and less enjoyable to utilize.


Keeping your cannabis cool is another vital method to protect it. In case you’re as of now keeping it someplace dull, you ought to be at a decent begin. Warm temperatures can dry out your cannabis which will make it less agreeable. However, don’t keep it excessively cold, since that could cause the trichomes to sever, which will diminish the power of your reserve.

Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum Sealing might be the best method to protect weed. Utilizing this technique guarantees there’s positively no oxygen presentation for your cannabis, which means it will debase far slower than different strategies. The main issue is most vacuum sealers depend on plastic packs, which are unideal holders for cannabis. In any case, in the event that you can at present keep it in a spot that coordinates the other criteria on the rundown, it ought to be fine.

Do Not Refrigerate

Numerous individuals keep their cannabis in a fridge or a cooler, which is definitely not a smart thought. Coolers will pulverize the trichomes, as we referenced prior, making your cannabis be less strong. In any case, iceboxes aren’t vastly improved, since you’re frequently opening and shutting your ice chest a great deal, which can cause vacillations in temperature, which is additionally awful for cannabis.

Obviously, if you promptly smoke the majority of your reserve after you get it, at that point you likely needn’t bother with any of these tips.