Get Vivid Idea About Non-Extraction Orthodontics Treatment

Non-Extraction Orthodontics is the procedure of straightening of a person’s teeth without extraction or removal of any permanent teeth. It is an alternate method of treatment that allows a patient to preserve all of his or her teeth while having the teeth straightened.

Nowadays you will see many people suffering from a post orthodontic. If you too are facing the same problem and want to straighten your teeth, orthodontic treatment is the solution.

Many a time, teeth seem too large for a person’s jaw. It is not the teeth that are too large; rather it is the jaw that is too small for the teeth. It often results in crowded or “buck” teeth.

Non-Extraction Orthodontics corrects these crowded or protrusive teeth conditions by developing the jaw to accommodate all permanent teeth, thereby eliminating the need for extractions. Corrective devices such as braces and plates are used to tenderly and slowly bring the teeth and jaws into the proper configuration

Why Should You Choose Non-Extraction Orthodontics?

For Attractive Smiles

When jaws are developed enough to accommodate all of the permanent teeth of a person, his smile is enhanced. It becomes wider and more noticeable, often, making a person’s face look more beautiful. Many of the patients feel that their smile has now become their best feature after non-extraction orthodontics and that is the best feedback a doctor can ever receive.

Less Time Wearing Braces

The longer anyone wears braces, the higher the chances arise for cavities or tooth scars. In Non Extraction Orthodontics, the functional appliances perform most of the work by reducing the time required to wear braces.

Perfect Retention

Development of the jawbones is usually considered to be permanent, as is the growth of any bone. The retainers should be worn regularly, and habits which cause improper dental and jaw development must be eliminated for the best results.

Saving of Four Teeth from Removal

Generally, the four bicuspid teeth are plucked before the remaining teeth are straightened. However, in Non-Extraction Orthodontics, these teeth are not removed.

Maintenance of Your Appliance

For the first few days when the orthodontic appliance or fixed braces are placed, you are likely to experience some tenderness of your teeth and mouth which can be easily overcome by taking the prescribed painkillers as recommended.

As your teeth are tender, it is recommended to eat soft foods. This tenderness should normally do not last longer than a week. Sore spots can build up inside your cheek due to the rubbing of the braces and wires.  It can be avoided by simple coating your braces and wires with the wax provided. Thus, if sore spots to develop, rinse your mouth with warm salt water or use ulcer creams.

 Taking Care of Problems

  • Poking Wire: As your teeth straighten, the archwire may begin to push out of the very back brackets and bands, causing it to rub on your cheeks and cause sore spots. You can bid goodbye to sore spots by placing wax over the protruding wire.
  • Broken Brackets: During a non-extraction orthodontics treatment it is possible that a bracket or two may come off the tooth. The most common reason that brackets break off the teeth is eating hard crunchy foods without cutting them up into small pieces. To avoid this, it is better to refrain yourselves from:
  1. Eating hard (Nuts, Popcorn, and Corn Chips, Hard Biscuits, Ice, etc.) or sticky (Bubblegum, Toffee, Chocolate bars with Nuts and Caramel, etc.) foods.
  2. Playing with the appliance – this is the most common cause of a broken appliance.

If breakage occurs, you should immediately contact your dentist as soon as possible. Please do not wait until your next appointment with them. Try to follow the steps mentioned above to avoid breakage.


Orthodontic treatment provides many psychological benefits to patients, such as braces. It helps you to get some happiness and self-acceptance by giving you straight teeth.

You can beautiful smile after getting your treatment. That is why professional orthodontics treatment has its features and advantages such as better oral health, solving jaw problems, preventing injury and other health risks and improved social acceptance.

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