5 Most Visited Countries In Asia

A lot of people from all over the world are coming to Asia. It is because Asia has two of the most world’s visited countries. Bangkok is the worlds most visited is another stunning factor. Below a list of the most five preferred Asian countries that have witnessed a large number of international travelers who opt to visit due to some specific attractions from each city.


It experiences an approximate of 57,600,000 tourists a year. It has started opening up to international visitors recently. But it is experiencing a large number of people from all over the world at its shores of hordes that is Beijing, Great wall and Shangai not forgetting the Terracotta Army that was the only tip of the iceberg. Its age-old History of the ancient culture, as well as traditions, are the magnet for those foreigners who are looking for an exotic experience of the east.

The sights of this country are without a shadow of a doubt the majority of reasons why the number of tourists visiting China annually is so high. The Great Wall Of China is a spectacular sightseeing destination that many tourists visit the country just for that. It helps that China is the largest country in Asia as well.


It witnesses an approximate of 24,800,00 tourists annually. It offers some beach destinations that are the best like Tioman, Sipadan, and Langkawi. If you add the world-class shopping which is situated in Kuala Lumpur, you will realize that it is nearly 25 million visitors yearly which is a good number indeed.

It’s no surprise that Malaysia is the second highest visited country in Asia. It’s insanely beautiful and very much appreciated by all the tourists around the world. The country is spectacular in every single way imaginable, especially the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Hong Kong

It witnesses an approximate of 22,400,000 tourists every year. It is nearly at the top of the list because of a technicality that comes from the mainland China; the day trippers hop across to go for shopping at the glitzy malls that are available here because Hong Kong has a status of having a free port. There is also a unique Hong Kong massage that offers enough pleasure to the visitors any time they feel like.. Even if you exclude this horde you are likely to have 9 million tourists that are genuine.

Hong Kong is a unique place on this list because it is exquisitely smaller than all the other entries. It’s a city that is extremely popular in the tourist world because of how special and vibrant it truly is.

Compared to other countries it is incredibly small, but in Hong Kong, you can find absolutely everything you need and more, that’s why this city is beyond popular.


Approximately 7,700,000 tourists a year. Bali is a large and popular island becomes the most prominent attraction site in the area Individuals from across the world come here due to the long stretches of decadent beaches as well as the resorts that are famous for their hospitality and the Hindu temples that are beautiful.

Another tourist magnet is Jarkata which is the capital city. A travel guide will take you to many islands that are famous for water sports and the activities of under water.


Approximately 6,200,000 tourists a year. Surprisingly, Though it number five in the countdown. Tokyo is a city that is world class, and Jam enjoys a whole a lot of historical and cultural jewels which will probe one to go for a travel guide to go through before going to the field.

It has one of the biggest and busiest airports that can be explained by a sheer number of visitors who use it as a transit point when flying across the whole world. Another good explanation is that Japan is an island hence making in remote and also only approachable using air.

People who visit Japan are mostly interested in the history of the country, all the ancient temples and samurai memorabilia. It is extremely popular in foreign tourist demands so they try to go on tours that are specifically according to their needs.

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