What is Total Daily Energy Expenditure TDEE And How To Calculate It?

Total daily energy expenditure or TDEE, as the name suggests, is the total measure of the daily expenditure of an individual. Body and this might be very surprising for some but resembles a car, in a way that to work and function, it needs fuel. Without fuel, the engine would not work. The question is, why?
The fuel burns to do two things.

1- Heat the engine
2- Provide energy

Similarly, your body needs fuel to function. Numerous reactions are going around your body. In the cells and organs. But to carry out these reactions, energy is required. A person gets the requirement of energy needed from the food. The bonds holding the food molecules together has stored energy in it. Once a person chews the food, the bonds are broken, and energy is absorbed.

Moreover, there are specific enzymes to digest all the different nutrients present in the food. If one does not eat for a long time, they eventually start feeling weak and less energetic. They start feeling like they do not have the power even to walk. It is all due to the sudden fall in energy. Moving, talking, running, etc. all require energy.

Factors upon which TDEE Depends

Your estimated TDEE value is a blend of some factors. It means that it is dependent upon some factors and while calculating the total energy of a person, one has to take into account these factors.

These include,
1- Thermic Effect of Activity. It refers to the amount of calories that tend to go down during the different exercises that one does during a day.
2- Thermic Effect of Food: Now surprisingly, even digestion itself is a process which requires food. So, food provides energy, but for digestion of the food, one requires energy.
3- Basal metabolic rate: Even when you are not engaged in any activity, you are using energy. Even while you sleep, you need the energy. So basal metabolic rate measures the amount of energy used while the body is at rest.
4- Non-exercise activity’s thermic effect: these include all your different activities. Like doing various chores.

A calorie is a measure of energy. The amount of calories that you burn is a measure of energy that you utilize. As exercising burns calories, therefore, it is convenient to say that, one’s energy utilization increases with the different activities that they perform.

How Is TDEE Related To Fat Loss?

Now many people tend to get confused with the relation of Total energy expenditure per day and fat loss.
As mentioned above, the total energy is the measure of the amount of calories one burns. Calories are energy is one way or the other. The amount of calories burnt is the measure of the amount of energy utilized.
So if one wants to lose weight, they can by lowering the number of calories by exercising. So whenever one goes for actually losing weight, they must calculate their total daily energy expenditure.

How To Calculate TDEE?

The four factors listed above upon which the TDEE depends are the factors which result in the calculation of the TDEE value. Many people calculate the value of each factor which has been listed above, and when they are done, the net result of all of it is the energy expenditure per day of a person. However, this is a very time-consuming process.

Not only time consuming, but people do not exactly know the number of calories that they burn when there are sleeping, or there might be numerous other problems. The biggest of this is accuracy. Therefore, to get the desired TDEE value, one can use the TDEE calculator which has numerous benefits (Given below), upon calculating the value by yourself.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure – Calculator

The TDEE calculator is very simple to use. With this calculator, the TDEE value is just some taps/clicks away. You can fulfill the requirements of the calculator and can easily calculate your total daily energy expenditure.
The basic outlook of the calculator is given below.

The calculator requires,
1- Gender.
It is because the TDEE varies from person to person. The male body is different from burning calories compared to the female body. Therefore, the energy expenditure is different for both too.
2- Age.
Now the TDEE also depends upon the age of a person. A person burns calories according to their ages.
3- Height.
4- Weight.
It is a significant factor. Weight is something upon which the TDEE revolves.
5- Activity level.
It is the type of exercise or your daily activity measure. It can be said, that this is the measure of how active you are. Obviously, the more active that a person is, the more is the energy consumption.

TDEE Calculation Example

Given below is a sample of how you can put the values in and what would be the required value in such a case.

Now given above is a sample of how to use the calculator. Another good factor about it is that you can choose the units. And for any conversion case, the chart will appear with the calculator making everything very convenient. Once you fill in all the square boxes and provide all the necessary information or requirements, you can press the ‘’calculate’’ button, and you will get your total TDEE value in the box on the rightmost corner. (In the first screenshot).

Now the question is, why one should use the calculator instead of going for each calculation separately. The simple answer is, it is faster. There are much lesser requirements in the calculator, and there are present things that you commonly are aware of, such as, gender, height, weight, etc.

One might face different problems. These values in themselves are complicated to calculate or even have their different calculators through which you can calculate them. Also, the units make things even more comfortable. You can choose the one which you feel is the most convenient to work with.

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