Tips And Tricks To Know Before Recycling iPhone 7

A saving environment is an important aspect of preserving nature. With the increasing number of electronic usage, the natural elements are consumed in more and more amounts. Apple believes the saving the environment begins with manufacturing their products at first. In this article, you will find tips to know before recycling iPhone 7.

Apple’s recycling iPhone 7 Robot, that specialized in disassembling the mobile phones component make sure that it uses the most efficient way to reclaim the valuable material from the iPhone. It can be used in the manufacturing of newer mobile phones. Tearing down 200 iPhones per hour means that the Daisy Robot is effective and efficient regarding saving the nature.

Apple’s iPhone 7 have efficient power components to manage power consumption. The grade material used with the iPhone 7 is of high quality, and parts are reusable in new devices. IPhone 7 is made up of Aluminum and other high-grade material that can be recycled and used again.

The high-grade material that is retrieved from iPhone 7 contains Aluminum, gold, silver, tungsten, copper, palladium, tin, cobalt and tantalum. Though their quantity is in very minor grams, if the quantity is larger the material can go into kilograms.

Apple iPhone 7 Features and Services

Apples iPhone 7 components that can be used again are Alert Module, Receiver, Logic Board, Speakers, Dock Flex and battery. The screen along with the main board and camera is upgraded whenever a new iPhone comes to the market. Daisy makes sure, it recycles the iPhone in such a way that the reusable components like are Alert Module, Receiver, Logic Board, Speakers, Dock Flex and battery are retrieved without damaging them.

Once retrieved, there is a complete test cycle at Apple’s end to test and verify the retrieved components. A complete set of stress tests, durability test, functionality test, and modular test are performed alongside by attaching these components to test devices.

It goes through all the tests that newly manufactured components go. If testing departments approve quality, the parts are good to go with newly manufactured devices. This help Apple to maintain their retail prices in UK, though they are still expensive as compared to other phones.

As a consumer, if I would like to sell my phone or rather sell my iPhone, the first obvious choice would be that I sell my mobile best price guarantee. Like comparing the prices of a used phone on online retailers store or selling it through advertisement in a majority of the cases.

Recycling iPhone 7

If a person understands the importance of recycling iPhone 7, he will go for the recycle process which definitely will have a loss but will do well with nature. Everyone shall have its share in preserving the globe by minimizing the carbon footprints and maximizing the recycling.

The best way for recycling iPhone 7 used is to give back the device to Apple through Apple’s Giveback Program, so Apple can through Daisy, carve out the reusable components from the iPhone 7 and reuse them into the new iPhone.

Besides the iPhone 7 reusability, the boxes that are used for packaging are also manufactured using Reusable paper. The same box can be recycled again and is used for new packaging as well. A considerable effort is being directed by Apple to work on Apple’s Giveback program.

When processing the iPhone 7, several raw materials are retrieved from the iPhone 7, Plastic from the body, the screen materials, and plastic is also recycled using the technique to purify it. The raw product retrieved from these are re-used in new iPhones manufacturing.

Daisy is being installed in several countries, and awareness campaigns are being launched to masses especially to the iPhone users to show them the importance of preserving the Globe, reducing the Carbon Footprints, saving earth minerals and re-using the raw material from the devices to manufacture new devices.

Usually, as of now, an iPhone 7 is returned to Apple through Apple’s Giveback Program. A consumer will get an Apple’s Gift card worth 75 USD. Most of the people will neglect the offer are the trade value is quite low in their pocket. Like if I want to sell phone, the first thing I would be looking at is where to sell it. The apparent reason would be to sell to another person.


Pricing would help to generate maximum return funds to buy a new device. However, if though at a broader prospect, one can always look into the Apple Giveaway program. Despite less return funds, a user will be convinced that he has sold the device for recycling and the majority of the components can be used for newer device manufacturing. However, there are a lot of critics as well regarding the Apple program to recycle the aging apple devices.

If I bought an iPhone 7 back in 2016 for around 549 $. In 2018, if I give it back to Apple for recycling iPhone 7 purpose against the Apple Credit of $75. There are very few options; I can use 75 USD as newer devices are much expensive and the value at which the iPhone 7 was purchased will be evaluated by 2018 and the 75 $ which are being paid through Apple Credit are 50 USD regarding devaluation of Dollar.

Whereas user can easily get 300 $ if sold at any online retailers or to another consumer. Some critics say, why a consumer should be at loss, as he won’t be getting anything in return by exchanging this iPhone 7 in return of minor Apple Credit Amount which is quite small against the prices of newly manufactured devices.

Consumer being on either side of the coin can decide which way he needs to go. It can be either to get the maximum return back by selling a phone to another consumer or participating in apple Giveback Program by returning the device for recycling which will help the global green initiative cause.

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