The Next Level Radio’s 2015 Crowdfunding Drive for costs


We need your help to keep the station running! it is through your direct listenership and support that The Next Level Radio is able to bring you the best in cutting edge music for over five years now. We have never asked you for dime during that five years, maybe we encouraged you a couple times to get some merch or something – but we have never needed you like we need your support now. We are looking to cover the rising cost of our servers and accounts for this year, so that we can continue to bring you uninterrupted premium content for years to come.

This is our 1st fun draiser so we will keep it simple

we are looking to cover shoutcast server costs, server hosting, site overhaul, cloud accounts, premium social media accounts and advertising, as well as some staff related costs having to do with the running of the station. they are broken down below

360.00 for 1 year of shoutcast at current user level

115.00 for 1 year of hosting our site

135.00 for 1 year of pro soundcloud account

180.00 for pro dropbox

180.00 for pro mixcloud

500.00 50 limted edition t-shirts & 100 stickers

500.00 would be nice for site development stuff

300.00 and we have ourselves an app developer standing by and ready

total 2270.00

what you will get

1-20$ = a heartfelt thank you for supporting the station from our team

20-50$ = a t-shirt – a sticker – and the same heartfelt thank you!

$100+ = get listed as a bronze sponsor on our contributors for 2015 page – a t-shirt, a sticker, and a hug

$500+ = get you and your organization or logo – address and links listed as our gold sponsors for 2015 + t-shirts and stickers and lots of hugs

$1000+ get you, your organization, links, logo and information posted in a conspicuous place on our main site page and on contributors page as a platinum sponsor for 2015 + t-shirts and stickers and even more hugs

or please check out these new options for helping support the broadcast

with over 30000 unique visits a month – over a million hits per year – this is a good place to reach your community!

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