The Nepalese Relief Benefit Compilation due to be released on May 23rd 2015 on Addictech and Bandcamp


On May 23rd 2015 – get it here !

“From the cloud covered peak of the world’s highest mountain to the crowded streets of Kathmandu, more than 8,500 people have perished in what has become the deadliest disaster to ever strike the small but densely populated nation of Nepal. As the globe still reacts to the earthquakes that have left thousands buried beneath rock and rubble over a three week period of initial strikes and aftershocks, Be Green Records and Street Ritual have teamed up to bring you a benefit album aimed at the heart of Nepal’s stricken population.

Featuring a lush mixture of deep bass rhythms, healing sonic textures and earth drawn sounds sown with modulated funk beats and classic instrumentation, the Nepalese Relief Benefit Compilation will directly support relief efforts in Nepal while illustrating sound and art’s power to heal in a physical realm as well as that of perception.

All proceeds from the album will be directed to conscious relief organizations already on the ground, allowing the album and its contributors to make a greater impact on aid efforts with each purchase.”

Description courtesy Christian Cortes


releases 23 May 2015

Initiated and organized by with support from and

To benefit and

With submissions from the talented and generous

Akara – The Far Shore (Lubdub Remix)
Dave Sweeten – Special Interest –
Father Bear – Goin Heavy
Gydr – Focus the Energy
Heavenly Father -Inner World
Ilko – The Sacred Star
ill GATES – Withinside
Inner Forest – Shes Like The Wind (vocals by Queen of the Green)
Intellitard – Cosmic Collage
Jnana – Sevilles
Kaminanda Mystery School (P.Motion Mix)
Knowa – Neon Rays –
M!ll$ – Off Beat
Master Minded – The Mirror
Nadis Warriors – Nashira
Nanda – The Forever Dream
Nas-ja – You Feel It
Ocean – Emerge
PHloEthik – We Shall
POCKiTZ – Good Sh-t Bad Sh-t
Janga – We Could (Ft Orisha Sol)
Subaqueous – Solemn Heart –
The Avatara VII23 – Akasha (Kephras Hovering Atmosfearic Chillout Mix)
TRIBONE – Bed Time Stories
Tripmendous – Defractalize
U9lift – Dream of Sleep
Unfold-Music – Days Of Our Lives
Wasabi Jackson – We Are One
Zenotope – Aggrandize

Visionary Art on the cover by the legendary Android Jones

Additional engineering by Omega –

Compiled and directed by David Avatara –



2015 all rights reserved




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