The Nepalese Relief Benefit Compilation by Street Ritual and Be Green Records


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Many blessings friend! Hope you are well! I have been deeply moved by the events in Nepal, as I am sure many of you have. as many of you know I am a strong supporter of 2 groups on the ground there now – and – I am also in strong agreement with the response of .

We have already received a number of amazing submissions from talented people like Inner Forest Dave Sweeten Father Bear Nas-ja Nadis Warriors and more! with rumors stirring of submissions from Subaqueous Cualli Pockitz Cloud-D Ill Gates bio​Lu​Migen and even Pretty Lights

time is of the essence. the real need will be ongoing – immediate assistance is needed – the weeks and months ahead are critical to keep everyone in sanitary conditions and assist with sustainable rebuilding processes – these organizations have dedicated themselves to such an effort.


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The images being flashed around the world from Nepal’s devastating earthquake today are terrifying. As the death toll rises by the hour, children are in the middle of this massive disaster and need your help.
Save the Children has worked in Nepal since 1976. Our teams in country have started a response, and we are sending additional relief experts to the scene. We will be rushing pre-positioned relief supplies for children and their families.
The devastation expected in the wake of this earthquake will leave these children and families truly desperate.
This is only the beginning of what promises to be a major relief effort. We urgently need your support to scale up our work in these first critical hours and days, when children are at their most vulnerable.
I’m asking you to donate now to the Nepal Children’s Relief Fund to support Save the Children’s responses to on going and urgent needs as a result of the worst earthquake in Nepal in the past 80 years.
At this hour of great concern, your support will help us deliver lifesaving relief and alleviate children’s suffering at the very heart of this disaster.
Ten percent of your contribution will be used help us prepare for the next emergency. Nobody knows when the next disaster will strike, but your support helps Save the Children provide assistance in the critical first hours and days of an emergency when children need us most.

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Neighbors and strangers in Nepal frantically scour the street to lend a hand to those trapped beneath the rubble following the devastating 7.8 earthquake that struck Saturday, April 25 at 11:56 a.m. local time.
Urgent response is critical, requiring immediate medical care, food, and water. The death toll is rising and we are concerned the loss of life and livelihoods could be very significant. Music for Relief is responding, committed to both immediate response and a longer term recovery. Coming out of the immediate disaster, communities will need support rebuilding homes and schools, returning to work and processing the trauma.
As most of you know, Music for Relief has been dedicated to the well-being of the Nepalese people for longtime now, providing clean sustainable energy solution to families in Kumrose. It is important to us that we provide the relief and support needed in this moment of hardship and we hope we can count on you to join us.
To donate please visit our website, or text MFR to 41444 (U.S. only).
Thank you,
Music for Relief Team

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being organized benefit release compilation for Nepal. Being organized by and – keep the selekta locked for the 411


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