How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

You’ll additionally need rosin paper, a putty knife, material clothes, pipe tape and drywall tape, dishwashing fluid, a splash bottle, a scrubber, a residue veil, defensive work attire (no shorts or tee shirts) and eye goggles. When that is done, find a way to expel a popcorn ceiling:

Prepare the room

After the room is cleared of furniture, take your plastic drop sheets and spread the floor and the dividers. The plastic sheets are desirable over canvas covers as water will douse through the canvass and may harm your floors.

Remove lighting installations and fans.

It’s hard to work around roof fans and light installations, so it’s ideal to expel them.

Spray the ceiling

Take your shower jug and include water and dishwasher fluid (around two tablespoons ought to work) and siphon the blend onto the roof as a fog, spreading it uniformly and tenderly over the roof in little four-feet-by-six-feet increases. Give the combination 10 or 15 minutes to dry and guarantee the popcorn roof has mollified the roof substance to the point where it tends to be effectively scratched off. Note that if the ceiling is painted, it may be ideal for getting an expert to Patch Plus paint Exterior Painting frisco the ceiling, which is an increasingly unpredictable and tedious procedure.

Start scratching

Take you’re scratching apparatus – one with a full cutting edge is ideal, to make more progress – and cautiously scratch the popcorn substance off of the roof. Scratch it delicately enough, so you don’t harm any drywall, however solidly sufficient to scratch the material away. If the popcorn substance doesn’t fall off effectively, wet the particular territory, hold up 15 minutes, and attempt once more. A putty blade ought to be utilized to scratch hard-to-get-to spots like roof corners and bar edges and corners.

Hammer in nails and more

Hammer in any distending nails and seal them with joint compound. At that point sand, the roof after it dries out. Be mindful so as not to sand the roof too generally – you would prefer not to harm it after expelling the popcorn ceiling. Utilize a Shop-Vic to expel any abundance of water and free garbage before dismissing the plastic sheets ensuring the room.

As a last resort, consider contracting an expert

Indeed, this is to a higher degree a careful decision than a stage, however, when you employ an expert and pay that master to carry out the responsibility, your work is commonly done, and your popcorn roof is expelled. You will probably need to clear the room, even though contractual workers will do it for you – at an extra cost. Before enlisting an expert, consistently check references and ensure the temporary worker isn’t recorded on the Better Business Bureau’s “issue list.” Click Here

Would it be a good idea for you to buy a Home with a Popcorn Ceiling?

The initial step is ensuring the roof is without asbestos. If it’s not, you’re certainly must expel the roof, and at a higher expense than if it has no asbestos. In that situation, you should calculate the payment at a few thousand dollars and ask the dealer that the amount be deducted from the all-out deal cost of the home.

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