Some Crazy Things To Do in Hen’s Party

It’s a fact that every bride wants to have extreme fun on her hen’s party to enjoy her unmarried life for one last time. Usually, people plan for a typical girl’s night out or hanging out with your gang at your favorite place. But, these things don’t work anymore now.  Right from organizing male strippers show to planning a wine tour, there’s a lot more you can do at your hen’s party.

No hen’s party would be considered complete without some crazy stuff and fun activities. So, here’s a list of a few crazy things that you can try on your hen’s party to make it an incredible one:

Go For A Natural Spa Party

Let’s be very honest; every girl wants to get pampered. For this, you can plan a natural spa party where the bride and the bridesmaid will get a complete natural spa session. Right from foot massage & facemasks to meditation, you’ll get to enjoy every moment of it. But, don’t forget to book the appointment in advance to avoid last minute chaos.

Plan To Have A Paparazzi Experience On Your Party

Getting a paparazzi experience in your own hen’s party is something very new and crazy at the same time. It will surely help you to make the guests feel entertained throughout the party. You need to hire a photographer who can click pictures of a grand entrance to the party venue like a celebrity. Along with this, you’ll get your red carpet welcome. Many event planners give such services. So, book them for a better paparazzi experience at your hen’s party.

Organizing Male Stripper Show

If you’re looking for doing some craziest things in your hen’s party, then don’t forget to book a male strippers central coast show. With this quirky idea, you’ll get to experience pole dancing, lap dancing and some other erotic moves by the strippers.

Plan For A Quirky Dress Codes

Party theme sounds typical, but you can twist it by adding quirky dress codes to it. There are a number of themes and dress codes that will make your party a huge hit. Some of the special dress codes include Baywatch, Cheerleaders, Hawaiian and many more.

Make Bookings For The Silent Disco

Silent disco is another craziest party idea that’ll give perfect direction to your party. You can either arrange it at your party venue to hire any event planner. This silent disco party is perfect if you’re in a group of 8 to 10 persons. You can wear your wireless headphones, and dance like no one is listening.

Arrange A Wine Tour

Planning a wine tour is also a unique party idea for those who love to taste different flavors of the wine. This idea works best if you have a group of 6 to 8. A wine tour can genuinely take your party to the next level and it is enough to jazz up the mood of party members in a great way.

As you can see, there’s a long list of crazy, happening and quirky things than a traditional girl’s night out that you can include in your hen’s party. So, why waste time with boring and typical hen’s party ideas.

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