Business Signage – Easy Ways to Go Green

If you are a business owner who wants to go green, we have some great eco-friendly tips for you when it comes to traditional advertising and buying business signage. First, we have to say that deciding to invest in business signage is already eco-friendly because you are choosing a permanent means of marketing over temporary means such as paper flyers and similar advertising outlets.

Most business owners go for temporary brochures and signs because they are cheap. However, this way, you will spend a lot of paper, ink and printer cartridges. If you are running a big business, we think it’s very important to be nature-friendly. Showing your customers that you care about nature will also positively affect your brand image. So, instead of continually printing and handing out flyers and banners, you should consider permanent custom business signage as an alternative.

Not only that this will look more professional, but you will also waste a lot fewer resources. Make sure you follow our tips if you want to ensure your business signage is sustainable and nature-friendly.

Be Careful with Storage

If you have seasonal signs and banners, you should store them carefully. Proper storage will ensure they last for years to come. For example, if you have vinyl banners, you should roll them and place them in a sealed container.

Folding them or storing them in an environment with unstable temperature will lead to deterioration much faster. An excellent place to store unused banners is an indoor closet or a dry and cool basement. Storing your banners outside is not a good idea, and the same goes for your garage.

In your garage, the same as outside, heat and humidity fluctuate which lead to fast deterioration. Standard signs should be treated the same way. Place them in a plastic bag or in a container that will protect them from humidity and moisture. Keeping your signs in good condition is not only ensuring you are being more sustainable, but also saves you money.

Proofread Your Sign Orders

Before ordering signage or banners, make sure that all the information you have submitted to the company is correct. Errors can cost you a lot of time, money and valuable resources, so make sure you review everything yourself or ask someone to do it for you.

Consider Recyclable and Sustainable Materials

As you undoubtedly know, signage can be made from numerous materials. The best material for your sign depends on many factors, starting from your environment and climate, to your budget. For example, if you need outdoor signage, you can opt for aluminum because it’s 100% recyclable and very durable.

When it comes to indoor signs, instead of vinyl that is not eco-friendly, you could select one made from cloth because this material is more recyclable. Today, many sign shops offer recyclable alternative materials, so you will definitely find something that suits both your brand image and budget.

Rethink Your Sign Copy

A sign should definitely be clear and informative. However, if you believe some details about your company may change in the near future, you should restrict that type of information on large banners and signage. For example, there is no need to include your business hours or address if it’s going to change soon. If you are promoting an event, adding a date will make your sign obsolete as soon as it passes.

So, your safest bet is to keep things simple. Only add your name, logo, your industry and a website for more information. Business hours are, of course, important, but you should put those type of sings exclusively on your front door. Stick to the same principles when you need to design signage for events or when you want to create banners.

Instead of being specific about dates, just add the timing or reference particular holidays such as Black Friday Sale. Carefully considering all the things we mentioned, starting from materials to taking enough time to convey the right message, will ensure all your signs are green, durable and sustainable.

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