10 Mind-Blowing Benefits of CBD Oil for Human Health

Marijuana has been a subject of much controversy for decades. Banned for nefarious reasons and stigmatized for recreational use, propaganda hid its powerful medicinal properties from us all. However, with public opinion changing rapidly and more states legalizing, science now proves it a natural remedy for many health problems.

Cannabidiol, or CBD Oil, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It is one of many, but unlike its more famous counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. It cannot make you stoned. For this reason, more and more people buy CBD online to treat a myriad of physical and mental ailments. Is CBD safe, however? Research proves it effective for treating these ten complaints, and more:

1.      Controls Anxiety

Back in 2010, researchers conducted a study testing the effects of cannabis on patients suffering generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD. They found those consuming CBD oil enjoying reduced feelings of anxiousness. They also scanned the brains of those participating, noting that the concentrated cannabis extract positively changes the brain chemistry responsible for causing anxiety in the first place.

2.      Reduces Epileptic Seizures

Scientists found CBD oil able to treat epilepsy-related seizure disorders, effectively decreasing both frequency and severity of fitting episodes. Epilepsia published a review noting the beneficial effect of CBD on epileptic seizures, and when analyzing the impact of CBD on neurological disorders, they found THC playing an important role, as well, in helping to control seizures in some patients.

3.      Eases Tobacco Cravings

Recently, the U.S. National Library of Medicine published a study showing how CBD oil can help people quit cigarettes and other tobacco products. Participants inhaled CBD oil for one week whenever they felt cravings overwhelm them. Results suggest that, compared to those inhaling a placebo, those using the inhalers had notably lower nicotine cravings, and an even lower urge to smoke.

4.      Manages Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes afflicts millions of people worldwide every year. The journal Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation published an interesting study. Researchers tested the effect of CBD oil on mice with Type 1 diabetes. Results showed that CBD is capable of reducing inflammation in the pancreas of these mice, thereby lowering all of the unpleasant, often dangerous, symptoms of diabetes.

5.      Stops Cancer Growth

According to the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, CBD can stop the spread of cancer cells and prevent them from invading other parts of the body. In laboratory studies conducted on mice, scientists found CBD oil killing cancer cells outright. Since research proves CBD safe and without toxic side effects, hope abounds. However, clinical study is still underway in humans.

6.      Clears Acne

Overworked serum glands, in combination with inflammation, are the primary cause of acne. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation shows how CBD works within the body to treat acne effectively. Since the compound is a powerful anti-inflammatory, it decreases sebum production in the glands, ultimately treating the cause of the problem and preventing breakouts from occurring.

7.      Reverses Alzheimer’s Disease

The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease published an article discussing the ability of cannabis oil to not only slow the progression of Alzheimer’s but to also reverse the damage it causes in mice. In a study, scientists treated the mice with CBD oil. Those that consumed it were able to remember their way around a maze and recognize their surroundings much easier than those that did not receive any.

8.      Slows Aging

The healthy skin consists mostly of basal cells. To maintain its health, the skin must be able to remove dead cells and grow new ones with ease. According to the Journal of Investigate Dermatology, CBD can retain youthfulness of the skin by aiding in this process and fighting free radicals with its powerful antioxidant properties. Several studies show CBD oil slowing the aging process and maintaining skin elasticity.

9.      Lowers Chronic Pain

The painkilling properties of CBD are possibly it’s most famous. In the European Journal of Pain, the results of a study showed CBD oil making life notably better for those suffering arthritis. The study analyzed arthritic rodents while treating them with topical CBD gel. Within just four days, all treated rats had less inflammation and a dramatic reduction in pain.

10. Treats Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a devastating neurological condition. A report on the effects of CBD in easing its symptoms showed patient shaving significantly fewer muscle spasms after treatment with CBD oil. Most people afflicted with this disease endure extremely painful muscle spasms, but science proves CBD safe for treating these symptoms and extremely effective.

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More and more people are ditching prescription drugs for cannabis therapy, most notably for CBD capsules for sale and other CBD extracts. They are suffering fewer dangerous side effects, enjoying no risk of addiction or overdose, and are feeling happier and healthier. However, it is important to discuss CBD treatment with your doctor beforehand, especially if you are taking other drugs, as CBD can influence their efficacy.

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