Be Green Records Releases Nadasound – Prana Vol 1 – New Benefit Release EP


Nada – (Origin: Sanskrit)
Definition: A subtle sound accompanied by an effulgence; Mystic sound.

Sound – (Origin: Eng)
Definition: The particular auditory effect produced by a given cause.

NadaSound is the the manifestation of Sound, birthed from the infinite potential of the Void. It emerges from nothingness as the cosmic dynamic that vitalizes the many in the ONE.

Volume 1 of the NadaSound album, PRANA, will be dropping on Sat, March 16 on Be Green Records. Each volume of PRANA will be a journey through each of the seven chakras within ourselves to reach alignment of body, mind, and soul. DO YOU ACCEPT THIS MISSION?

EP to be a benefit for

Save The Children

Doctors Without Borders


bassmusic that makes a difference in the world <3

special Be Green Records debut benefit EP release event on The Next Level Radio – Ongoing Weekly Event Every Sunday The Next Level Radio – Ongoing Weekly Event Every Sunday At 8-10 pm PT – March 17th 2013 – featuring special guest NADASOUND – Be Green Records benefit release event – TRIPMENDOUS hosts


released 16 March 2013
Amazing artwork provided by the great visionary artist, @Shawn Hocking and superior mastering provided by Mastering by Parvata



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