Be Green Records 1st Release met with critical acclaim!!!! Thank you!!!!

Blessings all! to say that we are ecstatic with the love and support we have been feeling on this release would be an understatement!

here is a wonderful write up from our bassmusic friends in  NZ here check  it out

“Be Green Records is a different sort of label – based on profit sharing, green ideals, powered by renewable energy, employee owned and operated. They are truly working to fairly compensate their artists, and are devoted to giving back to the community by donating 33.3% of all profits to assist with earth and life changing disaster relief efforts, rebuilding sustainably, while researching better and more sustainable ways to live in the future. Ka pai team!

This is one release that is getting hammered in my car!”

and here we got some amazing blog love from one of the #1 dubstep / glitchhop blogs in the US

“Our friends at Be Green Records just tipped us off to a their first official release, 2 tracks from the Denver based Bass master, Seied!  I was lucky enough to get to preview these tracks today, and I could see why they  jumped at the opportunity to release these tracks.   Bugz In My Headphonez and Skewed Up have been secret weapons by some of the best performers out there, but now they are cleaned, polished, and perfected to be released to the world.  Cherry on the cake,  they have been mastered by Bill Bless.  Constant repeat around my home today!

Just a quick word about Be Green Records,  These guys are really on to something.  If you don’t know about them be sure to check the website out.  This sustainable label is founded by artists for artists. They understand the artist’s they work with and work hard to distribute their music in the most sustainable and green way possible.  On top of that 33.3 % of all their profits go back into non-profits.  I must say that would make the folks at Occupy Wall Street proud.

Just to get you even more excited for the upcoming release listen to Seied’s last release  Subdimensional Harmonics out now on”



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