What Are The Advantages Of Conducting Regular Eye Tests

Eyes are an integral part of a human body and you cannot imagine your life without having proper eyesight. But the thing is we never visit an optometrist or eye doctor for regular eye tests and because of this, we will be encountered with certain eye problems in near future. Eye tests are very important if you don’t want to face any kind of eye disease in the future. You are recommended to get eye tests every six months so that you will get a fair idea about your eyesight and you can keep eye diseases away.

Benefits Of Regular Eye Checkups

1. Detecting Myopia

Nowadays people are facing serious eye problems like Myopia and short-sightedness. It can be seen in people who are doing jobs or in students who are unable to see objects clear from a certain distance. This leads to poor perception in school and office. Further, myopic individuals are more susceptible to eye strain and can also get into accidents.

So, if there is a history of individuals in your family with myopia, it’s wise to get yourself screened for one. Nevertheless, people without this condition must also get regular eye tests done to detect possible signs of myopia.

Myopia if not detected can put pressure on the eyes. This might lead to retinal detachment along with cataracts.

2. For your child’s performance in school

80% of children today face vision issues in school. This leads to children often failing to see or perceive subjects taught in school. So, if your child performance in school is hampered then instead of admonishing your child, take in for an eye test. The child may have developed a power, or he or she might have long or short-sightedness. Therefore, to prevent your child’s downfall in class, go for periodic eye tests and keep your child fit and supple.

3. Eye checkups and not just vision screenings

A common myth about the eye is if it passes a vision screening, then the eye is in optimal shape. However, the truth is a vision screening only checks the eye of probable diseases and delivers an estimated result.

So, even if your child or you passed a possible vision screen test then it doesn’t mean that your eyes are in top-notch shape. Only a test conducted by a trusted ophthalmologist can verify whether your eyes are healthy or not. Besides, periodic eye tests help in finding serious eye diseases like eye cancer or glaucoma which can lead to potential blindness.

4. Glaucoma

One of the sneakiest eye conditions that can crop up without noticeable symptoms, Glaucoma is a deadly disease. Putting unnecessary pressure on the eye, glaucoma can render a person blind if it isn’t treated.

Hence, getting periodic eye tests conducted can help your doctor find traits of glaucoma. This diseases detected early can help in treating a patient effectively and preventing one from going blind.

5. Identifies overall health issues

Eyes are very good informants about the whereabouts of a person’s overall health. Periodic eye tests can help a person detect brain bleed, cancer, and diabetes, potential chances of a stroke, sexual diseases and high blood pressure.

Moving on, timings for periodic eye tests (age wise)

  • 6 months of age check it once.
  • 3 years of age, check eyes again
  • 5th and 6th grade two years in between
  • Every two years from age 18-60
  • Once each year after you cross 61

So, now that you know the importance of conducting periodic eye tests, hurry to your trusted eye clinic today.

If you don’t have one, look up a list of reputed eye clinics in your vicinity. Further, make sure these eye hospitals have authorized doctors with good testimonials. Once you find one, with a good review, get an appointment done and check your eyes.

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