A message from VII23 – Asking the hackers nicely – please help us – dont hack us – help protect our site so we can continue to bring you the content you deserve

You may have noticed the sites go down for a while and now a lack of updates for a few weeks. Our host suspended our account upon discovering malicious scripts on it while doing a routine scan. Our site had been hacked. Compromised probably by folks in the Ukraine, Brazil, China, and The United States. after over 80 hours of coding in a few days and constant back and forth with my host – I was able to restore the sites – and their content – for the most part – I am still working on bringing back – cleaning – and securing the remainder sites. I just want to put this out there to let you know what happened – and to plead with you if you are a hacker – please *on my knees* dont attack our sites – we are non-profits with one full time code monkey – and that is me. If I am tied up – trying to keep my host happy with the security of my sites – I cannot do as many content related posts for you that I know you love. so please – wont you be a white hat instead and help me keep these sites going so that we can all continue to hear about this awesome new music, visionary art – amazing interviews and exclusives.

Much love! *bows*

VII23 – site founder and director – only guy on web dev here lol



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